Welfare Wednesdays

Sign up for Welfare Wednesdays webinars or catch up on previous events.

Sign up for Welfare Wednesdays webinars or catch up on previous events.

Our Welfare Wednesdays events are a series of conversational webinars covering a range of relevant topics that will run throughout the year.  Whether you are a professional rider, a competitive amateur, a happy hacker, a dedicated carer of a non-ridden horse or anyone who just loves horses, we want you all to be part of it.   

Throughout the series we will have speakers from within World Horse Welfare as well as expert support from friends of the charity, sharing their knowledge on key topics. Towards the end of each session we promise to give you a chance to ask the experts some questions live.

If you can’t make a particular webinar or you miss part of it, don’t worry – they will all be recorded so you can catch up on them here afterwards!

Upcoming Welfare Wednesdays webinars

World Horse Welfare presents A Strangles Awareness Week Special Event “Take the heat out of Strangles in 2023

Wednesday 3rd May – 7pm

World Horse Welfare is proud to present a very special Strangles Awareness Week edition of our webinar series.

On the 3rd May, we welcome Dr David Marlin to chair a brand-new conversation about strangles featuring speakers Caterina Termine, Senior Veterinary Advisor to the FEI, and Professor Ashley Boyle from the University of Pennsylvania, a research specialist on the disease, alongside horse owners sharing their own strangles experiences. We’ll be discussing how to find out if strangles is in your area and the simple biosecurity steps everyone can take to protect their horse and their yard from an outbreak – including a low cost and often-overlooked tool in our armoury against infectious disease – temperature checking!

For more about Strangles Awareness Week click here.

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Please note that our webinars are capped at 1,000 attendants on Zoom, but if you miss out on a place on Zoom you’ll be able to watch it live on Facebook or catch up on it on this page afterwards.

Catch up on previous Welfare Wednesdays webinars

“Poisonous Plants” – with Karen Coumbe and Chris Shaw

Coughing & Hacking: Exploring Equine Respiratory Issues – with Dr Chris Tufnell FRCVS

Promoting positive equine behaviour and wellbeing through management – with Justine Harrison and Rosa Verwijs

Targeted Parasite Control to Take Best Care of your Horse & the Environment – with Managing Director of Westgate Labs, Claire Shand and vet, David Rendle

“Promoting positive equine wellbeing and behaviour through diet” – with equine behaviourist Rosa Verwijs

“Cutting costs, not care” – with veterinarian Lucy Grieve, Blue Cross Horse Welfare Manager Ruth Court, and World Horse Welfare Field Officer Rachel Andrews

“Balancing the needs of the horse with the pressure of competition” – with Pippa Funnell and Ailsa Wates

“Myth busting: Is my horse being a pain or in pain?” – with Dr Sue Dyson and Rosa Verwijs

Bridle fit – why getting it right is so important” – with Dr Rachel Murray and Di Fisher

Strangles – how to confidently reduce the risk of this preventable disease – with veterinarian Nic de Brauwere and leading equine health scientist Andrew Waller

“Making an end of life decision for your horse – how to know when it’s time” – with veterinarian Suzanne Green and World Horse Welfare Field Officer Penny Baker

“No Gut, No Horse? Why gut bugs are essential for optimum health and behaviour” – with veterinarian Amber Batson and Jo Hockenhull

“Can a stabled horse truly be a ‘happy’ horse?” – with Dr Andrew McLean and Brad Hill

“How to manage and care for the older horse” – with Professor Pat Harris and Nicola Jarvis

“Wound care – how to deal with a wound and when to call the vet” – with vet Chris Tufnell

“The whole horse approach – how you can help equine health professionals work together to support your horse” – with Lucy Grieve, Rebecca Lowe, Kate Stephens and James Arkley

“How to know if your horse is happy” – with Professor Natalie Waran, Christa Lesté-Lasserre and Lizzie Bird

“How to provide good foot care for sound and lame horses” – with Dr Simon Curtis, Anna Hammond and Hayley Penrice

“How to resist peer pressure and do what’s right for your horse” – with Pippa Funnell, Gill Keegan and Jordan Headspeath

“How does rider balance affect horses’ way of going?” – with Dr Russell MacKechnie-Guire, Richard Davison and Tony Tyler

“How to support equine mental wellbeing” – with Dr Andrew McLean, John Francome and Caroline Heard

“How to restrain horses appropriately” – with Dr Gemma Pearson, Brad Hill, an equine vet and Tony Evans, one of World Horse Welfare’s Field Officers

“How to keep horse sport ethical” – with Professor Madeleine Campbell, Alex Hua Tian, and John Burns

“How to provide a good life for horses: Friends, freedom, and forage” – with internationally renowned Nat Waran, Sam York, an experienced and successful event rider and coach, and Rae Andrews, one of World Horse Welfare’s field officers and a seasoned competitor

“Equine strangles – Exploring the realities of this common disease” – with equine vet, Roxanne Kirton and World Horse Welfare Assistant Centre Manager of Glenda Spooner Farm, Sara Jerman

“Tacking up – being a pain or in pain?” – with internationally renowned equine vet, Sue Dyson, and World Horse Welfare Centre Manager, rider, and coach, Adam Cummins

“Alternative grazing systems” – with researcher Tamzin Furtado and our own Hall Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre Manager Sue Hodgkins

“Buying a horse – traps for the unwary” – with vet Ben Mayes and World Horse Welfare Investigator Allison Williment

“Preparing for an emergency – equine first aid” – with vet Chris Tufnell and Deputy Chief Field Officer Jon Phipps

“Preparing your horse for competition” – with Mark Todd and Pippa Funnell

“Building your horse’s strength through groundwork– with Chartered Physiotherapist Jo Paul and our own Belwade Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre Manager Eileen Gillen

“Recognising, managing and preventing skin disease” – with Professor Derek Knottenbelt and our own Chief Field Officer Claire Gordon

Understanding laminitis – what every owner needs to know” – with Sarah Coombs and Dee Pollard 

“Maintaining your horse’s fitness and health during winter” – with Sir Mark Todd and our own Field Officer Jon Phipps

Understanding our horses’ behaviour and how they learn – with Gemma Pearson and our own Glenda Spooner Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre Manager Claire Dickie

“Recognising pain in our ridden horses” – with Dr Sue Dyson and our own Deputy Chief Executive and Director of UK Tony Tyler

Download a PDF of “The influence of rider:horse bodyweight ratio and rider-horse-saddle fit on equine gait and behaviour: A pilot study”.

Download a PDF list of references made during the webinar.

Planning for equine end of life – and how to cope with it– with Registered Mental Health Nurse Bronwen Williams and our own Chief Field Officer Claire Gordon

Understanding colic – what we as owners need to know” – with Dr Katie Lightfoot, a Teaching Associate at the University of Nottingham’s School of Veterinary Medicine and Science, and our own International Programme Officer Izzy Wild, who is also a vet

“Keeping your pasture healthy throughout the year” – with Dr Simon Daniels, one of the Royal Agricultural University’s senior lecturers, and our own Field Officer John Burns

“Keeping on top of your horse’s dental health” – with vet and Equine Dental Technician Alice Hughes and our own Belwade Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre Manager Eileen Gillen

Keeping your horse at a healthy weight throughout the year (part 2) – nutrition– with internationally renowned clinical equine nutritionist Dr Teresa Hollands and our own Assistant Centre Manager at Glenda Spooner Rescue and Rehoming Centre Sara Jerman

“Travelling your horse – managing risks for a better journey” – with world renowned equine transportation expert, scientist and vet Dr Barbara Padalino and our own Research and Education Officer Alana Chapman

“Controlling worms in your horse and their pasture” – with Kristy Hodgson and Claire Shand from Westgate, plus our own Field Officers Sarah Tucker and Chris Shaw

“Keeping your horse at a healthy weight throughout the year” – with internationally renowned clinical equine nutritionist Dr Teresa Hollands and our own Head of UK Support Sam Chubbock

“Protecting your horse from the (ever) growing threat of disease” – with world equine disease prevention and control expert Dr Richard Newton from the Animal Health Trust and our own Deputy Chief Executive and Director of UK Tony Tyler

“Maintaining your horse’s fitness over summer 2020” – with world class eventer Pippa Funnell and our own Adam Cummins, Centre Manager at Penny Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre

Is there a particular topic you think would make a great Welfare Wednesdays webinar subject? Do get in touch and let us know!

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