Keeping your pasture healthy throughout the year

with Dr Simon Daniels and John Burns

Royal Agricultural University senior lecturer, Dr Simon Daniels, talked about effective pasture management. Simon analyses grass growth and suggests times when grazing may be safer for certain types of horses, discusses different types of fertiliser – and why we may or may not want to use them – and provides key details on the types of grass we want in our paddocks. 

Simon was joined by John Burns, one of our Field Officers, who shared advice on some of the more practical aspects of pasture management such as harrowing, rolling and topping pastures. John highlighted some common snags horse owners can encounter when trying to do our best for our horses without always considering the health of our pastures, as well as providing examples on how we can do both well.

Both Simon and John have spent their personal and professional lives working with horses and have years of experience of what has worked well and what not so well when managing horses at grass and were on hand to answer questions from the Zoom and Facebook audience about pasture and land management.

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