Sport and leisure – our responsibilities

We support the responsible involvement of horses in sport and leisure.

We support the responsible involvement of horses in sport and leisure.

We see the participation of horses in sport and leisure as just one of many facets of our unique and evolving partnership – but we all have a responsibility to ensure that partnership is fair. 

Our founder pursued fairness in all aspects of the horse-human relationship and placed this responsibility on the people who derived so much benefit from these noble animals. 

So we believe that everyone involved in horse sport and leisure has a duty to provide their horses with a good life and to protect their safety. This applies from birth to death, within competition and outside of it. 

Any activity with horses carries risks, but equestrianism can and must take steps to reduce these risks as much as possible.

Doing right by horses, putting their welfare first and demonstrating how important the well-being of horses is to everyone in horse sport and leisure are key to maintaining equestrianism’s ‘social licence to operate’ – that is, public acceptance of involving horses in these activities. 

We use a combination of care, research, education and influence to improve the lives of sport and leisure horses, and work with the equestrian community and sport bodies to support them in promoting high welfare standards from birth to death.

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