Very thin chestnut horse with white blaze standing by a haynet tied to a fence.

Will you help horses today?

We help horses to live better lives – thank you for making this possible.

£3 a month could help our partner teams overseas improve the lives of working horses, mules and donkeys and the communities who rely on them.

£5 a month could help pay for the emergency veterinary care UK horses often need after we’ve rescued them.

£7 a month could help ensure that we can continue advocating for better equine welfare policies and practices in the UK, the EU and globally.

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£10 could help provide a week's worth of hay to a rescued horse who desperately needs it.

£25 could help us gather vital evidence of how current laws fail horses to help our campaign stop the long-distance transport of horses to slaughter.

£50 could help train a member of a local community overseas to advise their neighbours on good horse care practices.

Our donation process is secure and your details are protected
  • We Accept:

Please note we only accept online payments in Pounds Sterling (GBP)

Why we need your help

Your donation will help support our work with horses across the UK and throughout the world. We believe in an evidence-based approach and, in the nearly 100 years since our charity was founded, we’ve improved the lives of millions of equines through hands-on care, research, education and influence.

In Britain, we have four Rescue and Rehoming Centres which take in horses in need of our care and expertise. Our aim is always to successfully rehabilitate every horse, pony, mule or donkey we take in and ultimately to find them a loving new home through our rehoming scheme – the largest of its kind in the UK.

Our 17 International projects work with over 300 communities around the world, helping tens of thousands of working equines and the families who rely on them for their livelihoods. Our project teams work with local partner organisations to achieve lasting improvements in equine welfare for generations to come.

We work to improve the horse-human relationship in all its guises, including supporting the responsible involvement of horses in sport. We advise sport regulators including the FEI and British Horseracing Authority. We’ve also influenced more than 50 pieces of legislation since 1927, helping to bring about better welfare standards in the UK and Europe and, increasingly, internationally.

None of this vital work would be possible without our generous supporters – your contribution today will help horses who need it the most in the UK or further afield. Thank you for your consideration in supporting our work, we really do appreciate it.