Controlling worms in your horse and their pasture

with Kristy Hodgson, Claire Shand, Sarah Tucker and Chris Shaw

Featuring top advice from Kristy Hodgson, current Equine Suitably Qualified Person (SQP) of the year, and Claire Shand from Westgate Laboratories who since 1999 have been leading the field in helping horse owners to manage the parasite control of their horses and other grazing animals. 

They were joined by two World Horse Welfare Field Officers Sarah Tucker and Chris Shaw, also SQPs, who together will be sharing their knowledge and experiences on how they have been helping owners and their horses control worm burdens and other parasites, as well as sharing experiences of what can happen when situations get out of control. 

Both Westgate and World Horse Welfare promote the use of a targeted worm control approach, reducing the unnecessary use of drugs, as well as reducing the risk of resistance to these vital drugs.

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