Alternative grazing systems

with Dr Tamzin Furtado and Sue Hodgkins

Hear from Dr Tamzin Furtado, social scientist at the University of Liverpool, and World Horse Welfare Centre Manager, Sue Hodgkins.

There are many reasons for considering alternatives to traditional paddocks when turning horses out. Maybe you have a horse that is prone to laminitis, tends to be overweight, or has arthritis? Maybe you would like to provide your horses with more choice and enrichment? Or perhaps you have a serious mud problem? 

If this describes your situation or you just want to find out about other options, watch this webinar to learn more! 

Whatever the reason for considering alternatives to traditional paddocks, owners report multiple potential advantages for horses. 

These may include:

  • More hours spent eating 
  • Fewer calories consumed 
  • More exercise 
  • Lower risk of behavioural problems
  • Reduced risk of conditions such as laminitis, equine metabolic syndrome, and gastric ulcer
  • Greater enrichment 
  • Less mud 

Many owners who have set up alternative grazing systems feel that their horses are happier and healthier as a result. They also report gaining greater enjoyment from caring for and watching their horses in their new environment, and from caring for their land in a different way. 

The webinar summarises the results from a recent study that looked into the use of alternative grazing systems in the UK.

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