Annual Horse Health Plan 

Manage all aspects of your horse's health by downloading our free interactive Annual Horse Health Plan

Manage all aspects of your horse's health by downloading our free interactive Annual Horse Health Plan

Not sure where to begin with managing your horse’s routine health and welfare requirements?

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Download our interactive annual health plan to create a bespoke health plan to meet your horses’ individual needs and help keep track of what needs to be done and when. This plan can be completed using a smart device, saved to a laptop/desktop or can be printed. It has been designed to log vet and practitioner visits over the course of a year and can be started at any point in the year.  

World Horse Welfare’s Annual Horse Health Plan is an excellent tool for ensuring your horse or pony enjoys good health and welfare.  Used alongside their advice pages, it will help you to identify any concerns early and enable you to take remedial action before things get worse.  As vets, we often only see a snapshot of a horse or pony’s health and the records within this plan enable us to review the annual healthcare with you at vaccination time.”

Chris Tufnell, FRCVS, Coach House Vets Ltd.

Our annual health plan is based on a whole-horse approach, and covers all aspects of routine health and management planning, including: 

  • Identification 
  • Vaccination  
  • Vital sign monitoring (temperature, pulse and respiration) 
  • De-worming 
  • Dental visits 
  • Farrier visits 
  • Musculoskeletal practitioner visits 
  • Tack fitter visits 
  • Diet planning 
  • Weight and fat score tracking 
  • Plus, behaviour and management considerations. 

The plan contains comprehensive guidance on how to complete each section and links to further resources should you need more information.  

Annual Horse Health Plan

World Horse Welfare Annual Health Plan form with questions and answer boxes

Our interactive horse health plan includes:  

  • Comprehensive health, behaviour and welfare guidance 
  • Record logs for monitoring key health parameters 
  • Record logs for visits from health and welfare professionals 
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