TV ad launches to highlight plight of neglected horses

The heart-wrenching ad tells the story of Barney, a plucky little pony determined to get help despite his terrible condition.

Posted on 16/08/2022

TV ad launches to highlight plight of neglected horses

Sadly, horses all around Britain are at risk of suffering from neglect and being forced to live in unsuitable conditions without their needs met. To highlight the plight facing so many horses, we’ve launched a TV ad to reach an audience of animal lovers who may never before have realised the scale of the problem, or how desperately horses need expert help from charities like World Horse Welfare.

Field Officer Sarah says:

“When we go out to investigate after someone has reported a welfare concern to us, we never know quite what we’re going to find when we get there. Sadly, we discover horses in harrowing situations all too often, like poor little Barney. As this was such a big case, we worked alongside a number of other welfare organisations to get all the horses removed to safety, with the chance of a much brighter future ahead of them. None of this work would be possible without the generosity of the public.”

Even a small contribution each month can make a real difference to horses and ponies in need, like Barney was. Could you help by setting up a regular gift today to give other horses a brighter future?

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