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Equine behaviour and wellbeing through management: webinar 

Wednesday 15th February will see equine behaviourists Justine Harrison and Rosa Verwijs return to discuss how the way we manage our horses can have huge implications on their physical and psychological health.

Targeted parasite control for horses and the environment

The next in the series of our informative and enjoyable Welfare Wednesdays webinars will take place on Wednesday 1 February at 7pm.

Promoting positive equine wellbeing and behaviour through diet

The effect of food and diet on behaviour and well-being of our horses will be explored in the next webinar

When does use become abuse with horses? World-class gathering tackle complex question

Trying to identify and define where use of horses becomes abuse was explored at World Horse Welfare's 25th conference.

International conference considers “When does use become abuse?”

“When does use become abuse?” is the question that will be explored by experts across the horse world and beyond on Thursday November 10th.

Happy 21st birthday to Penny Farm

Penny Farm, near Blackpool will be celebrating its 21st birthday on Sunday 19th June from 11am – 3pm with a big birthday party and the public are invited to join in with the fun.

Meet pony Amelia at Badminton Horse Trials

Visitors to this year's Badminton Horse Trials can meet rehomed pony Amelia part way round the cross country course, next to World Horse Welfare's sponsored jump.

International equine conference considers: Whose opinion matters?

Social media pile ons, the power of opinion and evidence to effect change in the horse world and the need to show compassion when listening to others were just some of the ideas which arose

International equestrian experts consider ‘Whose opinion matters?’

On Thursday November 11th 2021 at 09:45 a stellar array of equestrian professionals and supporters - and World Horse Welfare's President Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal - come together live and consider ‘Whose Opinion Matters?’

Responsibility for equine welfare is not a choice, it’s a duty and the equine sector must pull together

World Horse Welfare Annual Conference 2019 explored need for collective responsibility across the equine sector to tackle all elements of horse welfare head on.

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