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Why do horses come into our care? Is that the only successful outcome of a case?

Chief Field Officer Claire Gordon explains how horses and ponies can come into our care for all kinds of reasons and from all kinds of situations.

Caring for 19 unhandled ponies? All in a day’s work!

Glenda Spooner Farm grooms Amy and Emily describe how a group of unhandled new arrivals kept them very busy last year.

Buena’s story – how our foals are cared for from birth to rehoming

Senior Groom Steph introduces lovely filly Buena and explains how the team care for foals from birth right through to finding them a loving home for youngster handling.

Behind the scenes: the first few months as a World Horse Field Officer

Find out what really goes on behind the scenes as a World Horse Welfare Field Officer.

A busy start to life as a World Horse Welfare Field Officer

One World Horse Welfare Field Officer describes what it's like to join the team.

Frodo’s journey to Royal Windsor

Frodo's groom Nicolle picks up the story as Frodo prepares to go to Royal Windsor Horse Show.

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