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Our response to welfare recommendations by the Equine Ethics and Wellbeing Commission

We warmly welcome the newly published vision for ensuring the future involvement of horses in sport.

Ride to Parliament raises awareness of horse smuggling

Horses being ridden through London to Parliament: A real spectacle bearing a sobering message.

World Horse Welfare Statement in response to the Grand National 2023

“Yesterday was a very sad day,” said Roly Owers, Chief Executive of World Horse Welfare, responding to the events at the 3-day Grand National meet. 

World Horse Welfare attend House of Commons animal welfare roundtable discussion

Call for a New Model of Enforcement for Animal Welfare by Parliamentary Group, Local Authorities and Animal Welfare Charities.

Equine behaviour and wellbeing through management: webinar 

Wednesday 15th February will see equine behaviourists Justine Harrison and Rosa Verwijs return to discuss how the way we manage our horses can have huge implications on their physical and psychological health.

Disbelief at what was on rescued foal’s foot

Our Field Officers never know what they will find when they attend a welfare concern. Little Tintin certainly took us all by surprise though!

Targeted parasite control for horses and the environment

The next in the series of our informative and enjoyable Welfare Wednesdays webinars will take place on Wednesday 1 February at 7pm.

Promoting positive equine wellbeing and behaviour through diet

The effect of food and diet on behaviour and well-being of our horses will be explored in the next webinar

Little Holly was found frightened, alone and hungry, but now she’s safe this Christmas

From death's door to World Horse Welfare's face of Christmas – watch little Holly's story so far.

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