Supporter inspired to set up hacking challenge gets riders fundraising countrywide

The fundraising challenge has proved incredibly popular with horses and riders of all ages around the country.

Posted on 15/06/2020

Supporter inspired to set up hacking challenge gets riders fundraising countrywide

A World Horse Welfare supporter who was inspired to set up a fundraising challenge when getting her own horses fitter has received incredible support, with people joining in all over the country. Hannah Hodd decided to invite other riders to take part in a sponsored ‘hack 100 miles in three months’ challenge and was delighted to find that her idea proved quite so popular, with 120 riders from around the country fundraising together apart at the last count!

Hannah says:

“It’s been wonderful to have so many people sign up and the group has a real community spirit, which is lovely. We’ve had such a great response that I’ve decided to try doing a number of different riding events, so there will be something for everyone.”

The group’s first challenge was to hack a total of 100 miles in three months and has seen participants of all ages and with horses and ponies of all shapes and sizes sign up. Future challenges range from a timed five-mile ride to completing 25 miles in a week, or even taking part in a 55-mile fitness challenge in four weeks to help get your horse fit again.

World Horse Welfare Supporter Fundraising Officer Frances Plume says:

“We are always so grateful to all our supporter fundraisers but it’s been so heart-warming to see the support Hannah’s event has received, particular in such a challenging climate as this year. We hope everyone who takes part thoroughly enjoys spending time with their horse and knowing they’re raising funds to help horses in need in the process – thank you so much to everyone who’s signed up and especially to Hannah herself for all her hard work.”

Interested in taking part in one of the challenges with your own horse? You can find Hannah’s Facebook group here or check out her website here.

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