Rehoming record smashed

We are delighted to announce that we rehomed a record total of 378 horses and ponies during 2021

Posted on 13/01/2022

Rehoming record smashed

This smashes the previous record of 357 rehomed in 2020 and continues a positive trend of more people offering horses and ponies a new home and a new life. Rehabilitation and rehoming are the eventual goals for all the equines that come into our care.

Tony Tyler said: 

“It is our aim to rehome all the horses and ponies that come into our care once they are fit and ready. Each one that is rehomed helps two horses as it releases a space at our farms for another equine in need but none of this could happen without our incredible rehomers who offer them a vital second chance.

“Anyone rehoming one of our horses or ponies not only receives the full honest facts about them and a lifetime of support, but the rewards of knowing that they are giving that horse perhaps its first ever loving home – while making space for another vulnerable horse to receive the care it needs.”

We retain ownership of every horse or pony that comes into our care for the rest of their lives, meaning there is no danger of them once again becoming welfare cases. Importantly, it also means that rehomers have the reassurance that if their circumstances change, the rehomed horse can always be returned to us. If you think you could give one of our horses or ponies a loving new home in 2022, please visit our rehoming pages now.

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