Our impact on UK horses in need

In the UK, we rescue, rehabilitate and rehome more than 300 horses each year.

In the UK, we rescue, rehabilitate and rehome more than 300 horses each year.

Through care, research, education, and influence, we’ve achieved a huge amount for horses in need in the UK in the last ten years:


  • Over 3,500 horses have come into our care, with many of these rescued from neglect or abandonment
  • More than 3,000 horses have successfully been rehabilitated and rehomed


  • We worked in partnership with The Horse Trust to conduct research into equine quality of life (read more here)
  • We’ve supported a collaborative project to find out more about equine end of life (read more here)
  • We’ve published a scientific review of the threats to equestrian sport’s ‘social licence to operate’ (read more here)


  • Our expert Field Officers have made over 10,000 visits to help horse owners to resolve issues arising from poor care
  • More than 7,000 owners have received support and advice from us over the phone
  • Our educational materials have been viewed and downloaded over 500,000 times
  • We’ve worked with Dr Rachel Murray, formerly of the Animal Health Trust, to put together a user-friendly guide to help owners make sure they choose a bridle which fits their horse (read more here)


  • We’ve helped to influence the development of legislation which will make sure that animal sentience is recognised in law in the UK
  • We’ve responded to the Scottish Government’s call for evidence on the impact of fireworks on animal welfare and welcomed the announcement of new legislation
  • We continue to work to ensure that equine ID legislation is effective, enforceable and enforced across the UK

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