Leading sustainability specialists White Griffin in partnership.

Partnership to develop our environmental strategy.

Posted on 19/12/2023

Leading sustainability specialists White Griffin in partnership.

Following on from the publication of British Equestrian’s vision for a sustainable future, which was informed by sport and culture sustainability specialists White Griffin, we are delighted to announce that we will benefit from the leading consultancy’s help to develop our environmental strategy.

“We are grateful to be partnering with White Griffin and so grateful for their support in such an important underpinning principle of the charity’s strategy. World Horse Welfare’s annual conference last month was, we believe, the world’s first to focus on the theme of horses and the environment, and the there are simply so many opportunities to improve the sustainability of the horse world. Our internal environmental working group has made good progress since it was established in 2019, but we want an informed strategy that will enable us to better understand the relationship between equine and environmental welfare, which we believe will be of benefit to the whole sector. We are big believers in collaborative working, so we are delighted to share in British Equestrian’s vision for environmental responsibility in horse sport, and in all parts of the horse world.”

Jenny Fernando, World Horse Welfare Environmental Sustainability lead

Horse welfare and environmental sustainability are inextricably linked and we cannot think of a better partner for our work than World Horse Welfare. The team have already accomplished so much in this area, not least in platforming the topic at their annual conference this year, and we hope to be able to support them in taking their work to the next level. We will work with the organisation to develop a strategy for their team to work from and devise innovations at their farms that bring horse welfare and the environment together in real time. It is an exciting opportunity for both White Griffin and World Horse Welfare to demonstrate equine environmental sustainability in action.”

Ruth Dancer, Director of White Griffin

The intention is to launch the strategy in 2024.  

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