Fern had been neglected for weeks

Fern was in very poor condition but her life was transformed thanks to a call to our Welfare Line.

Posted on 03/06/2020

Fern had been neglected for weeks

When we found her in March 2015, Fern clearly hadn’t been cared for properly for weeks. After a report to our Welfare Line, Field Officer Rachel Andrews visited the site, where she discovered that Fern was very underweight under her thick coat and her long mane was extremely matted.

World Horse Welfare Field Officer checking piebald pony in poor condition
Fern as she was when Rachel found her

Fern and another pony, Fraggle, were clearly suffering and so they were removed pending prosecution to our Penny Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre. In the team’s dedicated care Fern slowly began to get stronger. As she recovered, Fern proved to be a sweet-tempered mare with a lovely nature, making her a perfect companion pony when she was ready to be rehomed.

Rachel says:

“Thankfully a member of the public cared enough to call our Welfare Line to report Fern’s condition to us, which meant that we discovered her suffering and were able to rescue her and turn her life around. Given the state she was in when we found her, it’s wonderful to see rescued ponies like Fern happy, healthy and ready to be rehomed.”

Piebald pony stood in a grassy field
Fern when she was ready to be rehomed

Our Welfare Line receives thousands of calls each year from people concerned about horses.

We rely on caring people like you to donate £3 a month to ensure a kinder future for horses and ponies like Fern.

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